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Chic Sophisticated Leggings for Women on the Move

The Shop Black Leggings foundation lies within three entrepreneurial women looking to create stylish solutions to fit their busy lifestyles.

Our Path Began with a Simple Pact

Finding time between tackling motherhood, building businesses and breaking boundaries - three friends made a simple pact to walk every morning. This simple exercise forced all of us to make time for ourselves. We walked away clearing our mind, increasing our physical fitness and focusing our energy to concur the day.

A Need Became An Inspiration

Always on the lookout for comfortable activewear that fit our lifestyle, we started hunting for the perfect outfits. With so many legging options, we’ve created a one stop black leggings shop to make it easy to start and end your day with a great pair of leggings.

Deciding to Push Our Limits

We’ve sourced every pair of leggings, looking for the best quality that fits within every woman's busy lifestyle. We’re not just here to sell leggings - our hope is to built a business that empowers women and is able to contribute back. Thank you to everyone who takes this journey with us.

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